Amazing Work

A big shout out to Autism Health & Fitness Center for doing amazing work! We are so glad to be part of this special place that fosters teamwork and self-confidence in all of their activities. Please take a moment to view the Summer Camp video,, and you’ll see what we are talking about 💕

Your contributions go along way. You can contribute by:

  1. making a donation via Venmo to loveyoursct
  2. choosing Love Yours via Amazon Smiles
  3. purchasing a handmade blanket (see below post for information)
  4. purchasing a sweatshirt (see below post for information)

We are currently planning our 2nd annual fundraiser!! Stay tuned for more details.

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Just a note

Happy Valentine’s Day! We all know that we don’t need a special day to let someone know that we love them but maybe we need a reminder to Love Yours. Take a few moments today to reflect on what you love, what you do that spreads love to others, find the love others need and find how your love can change the world, or maybe just change one. 💕

ne simple way to change lives is to donate blood. Visit the American Red Cross to read about their safety protocols and to make an appointment. This is something most of us can do and it takes less than an hour of your time.