Love Yours was created in honor and memory of our son and brother Matt.  Matt’s compassion for children and young adults with disabilities is the driving force of the Love Yours organization.   His dream was to open a facility where a healthy lifestyle could be achieved by all regardless of their physical, emotional, or developmental abilities.

In April 2018, Matt was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma, or, more specifically, uveal melanoma, which immediately metastasized to his liver.  Matt fought with courage and determination to the very last moment in September 2019. Matt’s life was short but incredibly impactful to all who met him. His thoughts and his focus were always toward others and how he could make the world a better place. But Matt was not one to talk about that goal, Matt put it into action. Matt was determined to leave his mark on the world, one person at a time.

Love Yours was a tattoo Matt had on his wrist and was a force in his life.  The ambiguity of the term was intentional, because Matt realized that love was an incredibly diverse thing and was so personal to the individual.  This was a message Matt wanted to get out to the world.  But in typical Matt fashion he would not stand on a pedestal and shout his message to the masses.  Matt had this message in a small tattoo on his wrist.  And every time he explained the meaning it was in a soft voice, one-to-one.  And the meaning was Love Yours:  find your own love in the world, find what you love, find what you do that spreads love to others, find the love others need and find how your love can change the world, or maybe just change one.